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Posted in News by The Nest Collection on 21 June 2021

The Nest Collection Launch

A new launchpad to help the Boutique Hospitality Industry soar, once more.

Driven by excellence, powered by experience and distinguished by individuality – The Nest Collection offers an evolutionary hospitality management solution for owners and managers of boutique accommodation establishments. Conceived as a distinguished collective of independently-owned boutique hotels, safari lodges and country escapes, The Nest Collection offers modern, flexible approaches to hospitality management solutions and lease agreements – focused around quality, individuality, luxury and providing memorable guest experiences. As a boutique accommodation management company, The Nest Collection works as an extension of your brand, under a centralised umbrella which provides turnkey management agreements, strategic management solutions and selective lease-to-operate agreements which maximise revenue, minimise expenditure and share resources. Our solutions deliver optimum value for mutually agreed objectives

The vision for The Nest Collection’s portfolio is of a group of small, boutique properties with an eye on design, a passion for personal service, unique destinations with customisable offerings, authentic cuisine and which reflect the heritage and culture of their location. Each property exists because of the owner’s and his team’s unique vision and passion – it is the core strength of each establishment. The Nest Collection’s aim is to introduce scalable management solutions and flexible hybrid leases to operate, formulated specifically for small, independently-owned boutique establishments, which will assist owners and property managers to focus on what they are good at. “Boutique establishments have similar resource needs and it is likely that managing all these functions at property level, can hamper their ability to soar, and outsourcing them is financially unviable,” says Co-Founder Riaan Kruger. “Our management solutions comprise customisable elements: be it Business Processes, Hotel Operations Management; Finance Accountability & Reporting; Human Resources support; Marketing & Sales direction; Guest & Public Relations engagement; Revenue Management & Enhancement; Centralised Reservations; Risk Management and Performance Monitoring,” he says. “We want to work with a group of like-minded owners and managers who share our vision of providing truly luxurious and memorable experiences”.

Working as a collective – as the name would suggest – The Nest Collection focuses on independently owned four and five-star boutique establishments in key tourist destinations with a well-balanced geographical spread, providing non-competing products and experiences in Southern, East and central Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. In addition to promoting and selling each individual establishment, The Nest Collection also provides the opportunity to cross-promote properties within its portfolio to create outstanding experiences for guests and maximise revenues within the group by delivering unique itineraries, packages and offers that give local and – when they are able to return – international visitors a true taste and feel for the areas they visit. “Our solutions are formulated for the hands on owner and property manager as well as for the owner or investor who likes to be a little less involved and wants to watch from the sidelines,” says Kruger. “This allows us to divide responsibilities, share risk and profit, and build sustainability in the industry through partnerships and aligned interests of owners and/or property managers. We believe the traditional management agreement approach cannot be applied for smaller establishments with limited rooms. Our innovative pricing model allows for room to breathe in the tough times, while we celebrate together in the good times. The fees are structured around a new formula, specific for boutique establishments, scalable and outlined in a tiered fashion. We do well, when you do better”. Considered a symbol of good luck, the bird’s nest represents the love and warmth, enthusiasm, and commitment required to nurture the happiest of homes — akin to your outstanding hospitality establishment’s experience. The desire to share our expertise with like-minded boutique accommodation industry saw our dream, The Nest Collection, take flight.

Harnessing digital technology – but infusing it with the human touch – The Nest Collection aims to nurture the properties within The Collection as much as it excites guests, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit that will assist the boutique accommodation industry recover its rightful position as a major driver of the African and tourism economy.

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