Why The Nest

As we navigate through unchartered territory, we feel the real value in hospitality lies within smaller boutique stays and escapes. Working as a collective – as the name would suggest – THE NEST COLLECTION focuses on independently owned four and five-star boutique establishments in key tourist destinations with a well-balanced geographical spread, providing non-competing products and experiences in Southern, East and central Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. In addition to promoting and selling each individual establishment, The Nest Collection also provides the platform to cross-promote properties within the collective to create outstanding experiences for guests and maximise revenues within the group by delivering unique itineraries, packages and offers that give local and international visitors a true taste and feel for the areas they visit.

What is your purpose?

You are one-of-a-kind. Your property exists because of your and your team’s unique vision and passion. It is the core strength of your establishment.

What are your challenges?

When compared to bigger establishments, boutique properties have similar resource needs; be it operations, marketing, sales, reservations, finance, or HR. It is likely that managing these functions hamper your ability to soar, and outsourcing them is financially unviable. Our collective approach comprises various elements: be it Business Processes, Hotel Operations Management; Finance Accountability & Reporting; Human Resources support; Marketing & Sales direction; Guest & Public Relations engagement; Revenue Management & Enhancement; Centralised Reservations; Risk Management and Performance Monitoring. We want to work with a group of like-minded owners and managers who share our vision of providing truly luxurious and memorable experiences.

What makes us Unique?

The aim of
THE NEST COLLECTION is to increase your brand awareness

As much as your offering is bespoke, so is ours. We provide a comprehensive solution with no monthly retainer or fixed monthly service charges to boutique establishments of independent owners.

The aim of THE NEST COLLECTION is to increase your brand awareness in association with ours, which increases your exposure, and of course, opportunities to cross-sell in the collection.

Our team members are hospitality experts, offering many turnkey support services for independently-owned, boutique accommodations. We provide centralised services and solutions to collection partners.

This concept provides support services, or muscle, to your boutique establishment through a centralised solution, reducing the cost of delivering the service across our collection partners.
Our company is structured in independent sections, focusing on different aspects, covering the broad spectrum of your needs.

Breaking the Mould

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented action. We believe that no matter how the responsibilities are divided, collaboration ensures the longevity of the partnership through aligned interests. This is the future of sustainability in the boutique hotel industry – remaining intact, even through storms.

Our innovative collaboration model allows for room to breathe in the tough times while we celebrate together in the good times. There is no basic operating fee, we work on a minimal percentage of revenue.