Human Resources

We offer guidance and administrative support to property owners with this time-consuming element of hotel operations. We administer and implement these practices with the approval of the owner and/or manager. The saying goes “You are only as good as your staff” rings true. Staff deliver your brand’s first impressions and are custodians of the guest experience. Staffing is also one of the highest cost areas. We ensure that the right people skills and knowledge are in place to complement your business.

Areas of human resource assistance:

  • Recruitment process
  • Employee take-in procedure (Employment agreement, induction, HR Manuals, employee information templates, SOP’s
  • Implementation of company handbook with house rules and policies and procedures, e.g., grooming and dress code policy
  • Implementation of processes to set high-performance culture and attitude
  • Performance management
  • Training and development
  • Implementation of attendance registers for payroll administration
  • Employee record-keeping
  • Statutory compliance