Daily Operations Management

THE NEST COLLECTION offers support with business processes and management if required to collection partner establishment owners & managers. We can assist the owner with:

  • Provision of management solution tailored to your property, synergising and aligned with all business units.
  • Implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for all departments, including checks and balances, ensuring consistency.
  • The operating plan and budget for each working year.
  • Establishing rate schedules and room rate strategies.
  • Implementing measurables to manage all inventories, provisions, consumable supplies and operating supplies is essential to maintaining, operating and managing the establishment.
  • Quality assessment standards for the category of the establishment.
  • Assessing team members concerning guest service delivery and we can also assist with in-house or outsourced training when required.
  • By ensuring a good record is kept and updated of the hotel Fixtures, Fittings and Equipment (FF&E), and such is in good operating order.