Finance – Accountability and Reporting

Our operational standards’ backbone is a robust financial accountability system designed to increase transparency, maximise oversight, and improve margins. Staff, trained to understand the property’s fundamental operational requirements, has an increased sense of shared accountability, which has a positive direct financial impact on the business.

Our financial accountability solution includes:

  • Implement standard and agreed on reporting for each establishments procedures, processes and forms
  • Detailed forecasting and monitoring of revenue and costs
  • Annual operating plan and budget preparation
  • Annual/monthly cash flow projections
  • Annual capital expenditure budget preparation
  • Monthly profit and loss and balance sheet
  • Authorising of bank payments as a control measure
  • Submission of monthly SARS returns
  • Debtors maintenance and controls
  • Monthly executive management summary pack and comparative monthly and annual Revenue reports on;
  • Total revenue
      • REVPAR (Revenue per available room)
      • REVPOR (Revenue per occupied room)
      • GOPPAR (Gross operating profit per available room)
      • GOPPOR (Gross operating profit per occupied room)
      • Cost to company per occupied room based on identified variables
      • Gross profit on all relevant revenue centres