A premier collection of distinguished, independently owned boutique hotels, safari lodges and country escapes, each with its own unique personality, artful furnishings and superb location.

The NEST COLLECTION is a growing collection of a distinguished group of independently owned boutique hotels, safari lodges, and country escapes, which sets a benchmark for hospitality excellence. Each of the boutique stays in our collection will offer a unique personality, artful furnishings, and superb location. A boutique stay can be trendy, in an urban area; or have a country-feel in the mountains; an exclusive getaway at the coast; a top-notch safari lodge in a private game reserve; a tranquil setting on a wine farm; a luxury island retreat, a sanctuary in a village or any hidden treasure or villa in scenic natural landscapes.

The Nest Collection’s diverse stays will comprise of luxurious accommodations, warm ambiance, creature comforts, and an array of memorable touches served by a dedicated professional staff. We are guest-focused, always.

Our luxury boutique stays are intimate by design, distinguished by their masterfully crafted style, each with an idiosyncratic personality and motif that invokes a familiar sense of awe.

Small enough to curate a unique experience, each boutique stay will offer individually designed rooms or suites, social lounges, and other luxurious areas, with the signature flair of its owner. While we adopt technology to improve guest experience, we first and foremost embrace personal service and synergy, the hallmark of THE NEST COLLECTION. Knowing everything possible about a guest and being able to greet them by name on arrival is but one of the little ways in which we show them that they are our most important person for the duration of their stay.

We invite you to explore our growing collection of Luxury Boutique Stays.